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Automates and develops the electronics industry using SelfLAB expertise.

Focus on research and development, and we automate the rest

SelfLAB provides support to companies in the electronics industry to integrate analysis, control and measurement of product parameters. At the same time, we help companies to verify the design, to test subassemblies and final products in production. Our mission is to develop technologies specific to your systems. Find out below the processes we support.


Testing and Validation Automation

Long design cycles reduce the time available for validation and verification processes. In order to meet the needs of testing engineers, we provide flexible and efficient solutions for the validation and testing of complex projects in an optimal time frame.


Arhitecturi Sisteme Testare

The growing demand for innovation in the electronics segment has led to the accelerated development of the semiconductor industry. By integrating and automating testing equipment, we provide a means of efficient data collection, precise control of processes or tools, and support product optimization and marketing efforts.

Analiza de Date

Data Acquisition Sensors

Electronic products are growing exponentially. This phenomenon puts huge pressure on engineering teams to develop increasingly complex sensors and products to meet market expectations. Thanks to the statistical analysis of the data collected from the products and sensors in the design phase, it is possible to validate and launch higher quality products on the market faster.

Automatizare Testare EMC