• We are here to help engineers
    and scientists build innovative
    systems quickly and ingeniously.

  • We are here to help engineers
    and scientists build innovative
    systems quickly and ingeniously.



Automation, Testing and Control

SelfLAB offers hardware, software and Automated Test Systems testing solutions perfectly designed to meet current requirements but also to meet future challenges.
The years of experience accompanied by successful projects are proof that we are experts when it comes to developing automated custom testing systems from defining a testing strategy specific to the needs of each client to its implementation.
Our LabVIEW-certified software developers and hardware engineers with over 10 years of experience can guarantee the success of your projects.


Architecture and Systems Integration

With extensive experience in automation and the development of new technologies, we are joined by scientists and engineers who want to take their ideas to the next level. We know exactly what it takes to develop and integrate complex systems in both science and engineering. Thus, starting from the client’s requirements, we design the system architecture and implement it using custom or already existing equipment on the market.
By integrating and automating the equipment, we offer both a means of accurate and real-time data collection and precise process control, thus streamlining optimization efforts. The main mission is to ensure the long-term success of your projects and your satisfaction is our motivation.


High Speed Measurements - FPGA Control

FPGAs are reprogrammable silicon chips that provide the determinism of a hardware system combined with the flexibility of a software application.
We ensure the development of complete software testing solutions  and embedded systems using LabVIEW to process high-speed data in real time in order to meet the response times expected by the customer in existing systems on the market.

Analiza de Date

Data Acquisition and Analysis

As the complexity of product research and development increases, more and more human errors will occur in the validation and testing processes.
The advantage of collecting, analyzing and viewing system data allows you to position your project in the right direction from the beginning.
We develop the testing architecture in order to provide the tools that will help you to outline an overview of the performance of your system.
Our team of engineers supports the development of algorithms for:

  • Signal processing and control
  • Archive test results
  • Acquisition of signals and their processing
  • Data collection
  • Equipment control
  • Data analysis