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Test System Cost Calculation

Răzvan Boldiș Software Architect  ⋅  November 2021  ⋅  6 min

Many organizations do not consider testing a priority, although testing is essential in the early detection of defects in the final product. The low quality of the products…

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Răzvan Boldiș Software Architect  ⋅  December 2021  ⋅  8 min

Choosing the right tools is essential in any development, testing or automation project. The wrong choice will cost you time and compromise the quality of your tests…

Probe Pins Testing Wafer Sensors On A High Resolution Optical Microscope In A Laboratory / Cleanroom

Bogdan Deliu Senior HW Design Engineer   ⋅  December 2021  ⋅  12 min

From the first prototype of the integrated circuit developed by the American Jack Kilby for Texas Instruments to the present day, the integrated circuits…