TestStand software development

Using TestStand, we create automated testing and validation systems for our customers’ equipment, compatible with multiple programming languages.


TestStand software development services

Why did we choose TestStand? Because it is the most popular platform for automating, accelerating and standardising testing and validation processes. It is compatible with numerous programming languages, which is why with TestStand we initiate tests written in LabVIEW, Python, C / C++, .NET.

TestStand transforms complex testing into simple tasks and streamlines work due to its native functionalities and user-friendly interface. With the TestStand software, we develop automated testing and validation systems for production in various industries.

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Simplified custom test sequences

At SelfLAB, we develop automated testing systems for production processes, using TestStand. With its native functionalities and tools to run parallel tests, call testing code written in other programming languages and automatically generate reports, TestStand helps us streamline our customers’ workflow.

Processing data and implementing the testing code on production equipment can reduce any risks. Thus, we ensure the quality of the manufacturing processes and increased reliability, without any errors, in industries such as automotive, biotech, electronics and even laboratory research.

Alongside engineers and scientists, we develop automated production testing systems using TestStand.