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We offer dedicated services to speed-up the development of biotech and medical products.

From research to development, quickly and efficiently, with SelfLAB

By speeding-up processes, newly-developed products in the medical and pharmaceutical industry will reach the market faster, for those in need. We offer support via software development, hardware integration and system architecture services. We invite you to develop, alongside us, the technologies corresponding to your specific industry.

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Speeding-up R&D development

Keep up with the accelerated pace of technological development using the SelfLAB automation solutions. Solutions such as hardware, software and Automated Test Systems testing will help you meet the current technological demands needed to face future challenges.


Production automation and monitoring

Transition quickly from research and development to production. In order to make the transition an easy one, we offer monitoring and control solutions for industrial processes, as well as solutions for the statistical acquisition of production data.

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Chemical sensor measurements

Research studies indicate an increasing presence of environmental problems. Consequently, we offer a unique concept of robust, stable and accessible automated chemical analysis systems, ready to closely monitor and control any chemical factor.

We offer custom solutions for the biotech industry, ensuring a swift and seamless transition from research to production. 

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