Automatizare Aplicatii Industriale

Industrial Applications

Automates system testing and monitoring using SelfLAB expertise.

Focus on research and development, and we automate the rest

Complex industrial applications aligned with the industry 4.0 standard require the ability to run flexible testing and remote monitoring systems. The use of predictive monitoring and maintenance systems gives engineers a significant advantage in developing the most ambitious technologies. SelfLAB meets your customers and provides you with essential process automation and monitoring services. Our mission is to develop technologies specific to your systems. Find out below the services we support.


Industrial Process Automation and Monitoring

Situations such as remote location, unfavorable weather conditions and low maintenance teams make it difficult to operate efficiently. To effectively address company-wide production line issues and maximize production, we provide state-of-the-art monitoring technology through online applications to help engineers identify, diagnose, and prioritize all such issues.

Analiza de Date

Measurements Process Sensors and Data Processing

By quickly recording and reviewing test data, you can effectively isolate product defects by making timely adjustments. This allows you to meet product design and shipping requirements in a timely manner.


Mechanical and Endurance Tests

Mechanical engineers work with a variety of sensors, cameras and devices to validate designs. With flexible data acquisition systems, you can optimally manage design changes to fit your project time and budget.

Automatizare Testare EMC