Hardware design

We design and assemble systems and electronic components for testing, evaluation and control projects, aimed at streamlining the workflow.  


Hardware engineering and design

Our team of hardware and software engineers develops automated testing systems for production processes, in accordance with international standards. We take into account process optimization by choosing the correct tools and equipment.

To implement the hardware design solutions, we carry out the step-by-step engineering of the system. We specialise in integrating hardware components from different suppliers, and in creating connections with the necessary software systems.

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We develop turnkey systems, hardware and software.

We help with a wide range of solutions, from measurement systems for production lines to process control and data recording systems and to applications intended for automation equipment.

We are familiarised with small-sized processing systems such as Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers and large applications developed using LabVIEW or Python. As such, we offer practical, high-quality hardware design solutions, for various projects.

Development, testing and hardware design for production lines, research laboratories, in various industries.