Academic si Cercetare

Academic and Research

Take your projects to the next level by developing innovative solutions at a faster pace than ever thanks to SelfLAB expertise.

Focus on development and research, and we automate the rest

Studies have shown that both in universities and in research laboratories and other companies, the time devoted to understanding, discovering and putting into practice some concepts / ideas has never been more critical than at present. Given the great economic and technical challenges facing humanity, we can easily understand that automation solutions are and will be the perfect tool for achieving and overcoming the limits of discovery. Our mission is to develop technologies specific to your systems. Find out below the processes we support.


Experimental Research

Speed and efficiency. Two notions that are not negotiated when it comes to progress. Researchers and scientists are constantly increasing the rate of discoveries in order to keep up with the evolution of technology. Thus, they use automation platforms to reduce trial and error times and collect data in the early stages of experiments.

Design Electronic/PCB


Prepare the researchers and engineers of tomorrow for the complex issues of automotive, biotech, energy and IoT with a project-based approach to automated control, sensors and mechatronic systems.

Analiza de Date

Data Acquisition - Extended Time Period

We are developing high-performance monitoring systems that will be operational for long periods of time. Their purpose will be to facilitate the statistical analysis of experimental data and to guarantee the accuracy of the results.


Mechanical and Endurance Tests

Mechanical engineers work with a variety of sensors, cameras and devices to validate designs. Thanks to flexible data acquisition systems, you can optimally manage design changes to fit the time and budget allocated to the project.

Automatizare Testare EMC