Our Story

Current technological challenges are changing the way engineers and scientists create, develop and validate new concepts. SelfLAB was set up to meet these challenges with a multidisciplinary team of experts in software architecture, development and automation. We aim to ensure the highest quality standards in achieving the desired results through the dedication and passion we have for technology, science and engineering.

We are here to define requirements, solve problems and accelerate the development of key projects in our clients' portfolio. Our main priority is long-term collaboration with satisfied customers with the results obtained.


SelfLAB is not about us, it's about the results that customers achieve through us. We believe that we cannot achieve excellent results without a carefully built team, which is why we have selected elite engineers whose common goal is to deliver specific solutions for each project.


We understand what it takes to build complex hardware and software systems that meet customer expectations and even exceed them, and we are here to make them work reliably for long periods of time. That's why we support clients who want to take their projects to the next level through a few simple but effective steps: consulting, project definition, implementation and maintenance.


We are concerned that every day each member of the team is motivated enough to push the limits of their creativity, to apply ingeniously the professional experience and knowledge gained over the years to ensure the success of the projects in which we are involved.


We address both start-ups at the beginning of the road and large companies, helping them to automate, test and control complex systems while accelerating the development of difficult situations during projects.