Energie Sustenabila - Testare si Automatizare


Automate and control complex systems using SelfLAB expertise.

Focus on research and development, and we automate the rest

Technologies in the energy sector are on the rise, with an increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources such as wind, nuclear and solar. To ensure a wide range of high-performance energy solutions, SelfLAB works with industry corporations to provide automation, testing and control solutions for their systems. Our mission is to develop technologies specific to your systems. Find out below the processes we support.



Take advantage of SelfLAB's proven software frameworks and hardware expertise to implement automation systems that allow you to evaluate the performance of an energy system.

Embedded Software

Embedded Control

Use robust real-time (RT) controllers and FPGAs to meet even the most complex control and monitoring requirements using existing systems on the market (National Instruments, Keysight, etc.).



Mechanical engineers designing products in this segment face increasingly problematic requirements when it comes to the materials used and meeting product and ISO standards. Thanks to the flexible data acquisition systems we provide, you can more efficiently manage both standard and customer requirements.

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