SelfLAB, supplier of automated solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our experience, certifications and motivation have led to the development of successful, long-term partnerships with both start-ups and large organizations and universities.

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Industries SelfLAB is involved in

Academic si Cercetare

Academic and research

We offer innovative automation and testing solutions for universities, research laboratories and technical projects.

Automatizare Aplicatii Industriale

Industrial applications

We automate testing and monitoring systems for production lines, manufacturing processes and new product releases.



We develop software solutions and design hardware for the R&D departments of companies in the automotive industry.

img biotech


We streamline production and development of biotech and medical products, using automation and software development solutions.

Electronica si Layout PCB


We automate control and measurement processes in the electronic industry, thanks to our certified engineers and architects.

Energie Sustenabila - Testare si Automatizare


We ensure a wide range of high-performance solutions in the energy field and we develop technologies specific to dedicated systems.